American Audio Stereo Amplifier XDM 2221 User Manual

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• Safety Instructions..................................................................................p.3  
• Operating Determinations.......................................................................p.4  
• Connections.............................................................................................p.4  
• Functions (Front Panel)........................................................................p.5-6  
• Inputs & Outsputs (Rear Panel)...........................................................p.6-7  
• Replacing the Crossfader.......................................................................p.7  
• Changing the Transformer Switch...........................................................p.7  
• Technical Specifications.........................................................................p.7  
• Warranty & Service..................................................................................p.8  
Thank you for purchasing this American DJ® product. The XDM-2221 Is ready to be  
used, there Is no assembly required. Please read the following Instructions before  
installing or using your new unit. The XDM-2221 has a 2 year limited warranty!  
CAUTION! - Keep this device away from rain and moisture!  
Safety Instructions  
Always plug in the power last. Make sure that the Power switch is set to the OFF position before connecting other  
devices to the mixer.  
Keep away from heaters and other heating sources!  
If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation (e.g. after transportation), do not switch on the mixer  
immediately. The arising condensation of water might damage your device. Leave the device switched off until it has  
reached room temperature.  
Never put any liquids on the mixer or close to it. Should any liquid enter the device, disconnect from main power  
immediately. Have the device checked by a qualified service technician before operating again. Any damage caused  
by liquid entering the device is not subject to warranty!  
Never let the AC cord come in contact with other cables! Handle the AC cord and all AC connections with particular care.  
Make sure that the available voltage is not higher than stated on the AC voltage selector (25).  
Before the device is switched on, all fader and volume controls should be set to 0 or minimum position.  
Damages caused by manual modifications to the device or unauthorized operation by unqualified persons are not  
subject to warranty.  
There are no user serviceable parts inside the mixer. For maintenance and/or service, contact an authorized American  
DJ® dealer.  
XDM-2221 “SKILZ” User Instructions page 3  
Operating Determinations  
When installing this mixer, please make sure that the device is not exposed to extreme heat, moisture or dust! There  
should not be any cables lying around. Doing so endangers you as well as others. Do not operate the mixer in extremely  
hot (more than 30ºC / 100ºF) or extremely cold (less than 5ºC / 40ºF) surroundings. Keep away from direct sunlight and  
Operate the mixer only after becoming familiar with its functions. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for  
operating the mixer. Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation!  
Never use spray cleaners to clean the faders! Never use solvents or abrasive detergents to clean the mixer! It is recom-  
mended that you use a soft damp cloth. Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the device are forbidden  
due to safety reasons!  
Connections (Refer to dIagrams on pages 5 & 6)  
• Make sure that the power switch (1) is set to OFF. Before connecting other devices to the mixer, all units have to be  
switched off and the Master Control (13) set to min.  
• Make sure that the available voltage is not higher than stated on the voltage selector (25) before connecting to power.  
• In order to obtain the highest sound quality, only use high quality American DJ®, Ameri-Cable ™ cables for connecting  
devices. Make sure that the cables are properly fixed.  
• Connect your amplifier to the MASTER OUT jacks (21). Make sure that the channels are set properly.  
• For recording, connect your tape recorder or cassette deck to the OUTPUT REC jacks (24). The REC OUT level will  
not be influenced by the Master Control (13).  
• Connect your microphone to the Microphone Input (22) on the rear panel (see diagram on page 4).  
• The Q-2221 features one microphone input. The 1/4 inch (6.3mm) MIC JACK (22) on the rear panel. You can adjust  
the microphone volume output by turning the DJ MIC LEVEL (15) . DJ MIC TREBLE & BASS may be controlled by the  
BASS & TREBLE KNOBS (15) below the DJ MIC KNOB.  
You can connect 2 turntables using the LEFT & RIGHT RCA PHONO 1 (17) and PHONO 2 jacks (18) on the rear  
panel. You can only control the turntables signal after you have switched the PHONO /AUX SELECTOR SWITCH (19)  
on the rear panel to PHONO, plus you must change the PHONO/AUX/LINE SWITCH (5a, 5b) on the front panel to  
PHONO/AUX. The signal is then controlled via the CH-1 and CH-2 faders (6).  
• Connect your tape recorder, tuner, sound effects, CD player, and cassette decks etc. to the LEFT & RIGHT RCA LINE  
signals (17, 18) to the AMP OUT jacks (17, 18) on the rear panel. The signal is then controlled via the CH-1 and CH-2  
faders (6) when the PHONO/AUX/LINE SWITCH on the front panel (5a, 5b) to LINE . CD players, cassette decks etc.  
may also be connected to the LEFT & RIGHT RCA PHONO/AUX jacks (17, 18) on the rear of the unit. You can only  
control this signal after you have switched the PHONO / AUX SELECTOR SWITCH (19) on the rear panel to AUX, plus  
you must change the PHONO/AUX/LINE SWITCH (5a, 5b) on the front panel to PHONO/AUX. The signal is then  
controlled via the CH-1 and CH-2 faders (6).  
XDM-2221 “SKILZ” User Instructions page 4  
Functions (Front Panel)  
(1) POWER SWITCH - Red LED will light when power is ON.  
(2) MASTER LEVEL - Dual LED's show the level of the left and right master output.  
(3) GAIN CONTROL - Used to set the level of the input signal for its designated channel.  
(4) BASS/MID/TREBLE CONTROL - Used to increase or decrease the LOW's, MID’s, and HI’s of the input signal.  
The Q-2221 features "Rotary Kills" with -30dB to +20db input control.  
(5a) CHANNEL 1 TRANSFORMER SWITCH (CHANGEABLE) - Used to select the input to be sent to channel 1.  
TRANSFORMER SWITCH may be used up/down or left/right. To change the switch, see diagram on page 7.  
(5b) CHANNEL 2 TRANSFORMER SWITCH. (CHANGEABLE) - Used to select the input to be sent to channel 2.  
TRANSFORMER SWITCH may be used up/down or left/right. To change the switch, see diagram on page 7.  
(6) CHANNEL FADER - Used to adjust the output level of each channel.  
(7) FADER CURVE SWITCH - Changes Feather Fader™ Crossfader from a NORMAL CURVE to a QUICK CURVE  
(used for crabbing).  
(8) PFL/CUE BUTTONS - Use the PFL (Pre-Fader Levels)/CUE button to engage the input level of each channel.  
(9) FEATHER FADER™ CROSSFADER - Mixes the signals of channel 1 and channel 2. When the crossfader is set  
in the center position, both channels can be heard at once.  
XDM-2221 “SKILZ” User Instructions page 5  
Functions [Front Panel) Cont.  
(10) TALKOVER BUTTON - Press the talkover button when you want to use the microphone. When the button is  
pressed, all signals except the microphone level are decreased by l5dB. In the OFF position, all signals return to their  
original level. When talkover is ON, the red L.E.D. is lit.  
(11) CUE MIXING CONTROL - Selects the channel for monitoring. The monitor signal comes from the Prefader. This  
means it will not be affected by the channel faders. You can monitor each channel individually. Connect your head-  
phones to the HEADPHONES jack (14). Turn the CUE MIXING CONTROL (11) to CUE and select the desired channels  
with the PFL switches (8). When you turn the CUE MIXING CONTROL to PGM (PFL switches without function), you can  
cue the output signal of the mixer. If the CUE MIXING CONTROL is set to the center position, you can cue both the  
channel signal you selected and the output signal. With the CUE LEVEL control (12), you can adjust the phones volume  
without changing the output signal.  
(12) CUE LEVEL CONTROL - Adjusts the headphone output level.  
(13) MASTER CONTROL - Adjusts the level of the master output.  
(14) HEADPHONES JACKS - Use this jack to connect the headphones. Headphones from 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms can be  
used. 16 Ohms is recommended. 2 separate headphone inputs are conveniently located on the face panel and bottom  
front panel.  
CONTROL adjusts the microphone volume output level. The DJ MIC TREBLE CONTROL and DJ MIC BASS CONTROL  
under the DJ MICROPHONE are used to adjust treble and bass of the DJ MICROPHONE.  
Inputs and Outputs  
(Rear Panel)  
AC INPUT 115/230V  
FUSE 0.5A, F, 250V  
LINE 2  
AUX 2  
LINE 1  
CH-1 AUX 1  
23 22  
XDM-2221 “SKILZ” User Instructions page 6  
Inputs and Outputs lRear Panel) Cont.  
(16) GND (GROUND TERMINALS) - Connect the ground lead of the turntables with this terminal. This helps to reduce  
humming and popping noises.  
(17), (18) LINE / PHONO / AUX INPUT JACKS - Input jack for CH-1, and CH-2. Connect turntables equipped with MM  
pickup cartridge to PHONO inputs. CD players or Tape Decks should be connected to LINE input. Line level musical  
instruments with stereo outputs such as Rhythm Machines or Samplers should also be connected to LINE inputs.  
CHANNEL 1 (17) features left and right RCA inputs for LINE 1 and PHONO 1 / AUX 1. CHANNEL 2 (18) features left  
and right RCA inputs for LINE 2 and PHONO 2 / AUX 2. Other inputs (ie. CD players) may also be used in the  
PHONO/AUX RCA jacks(17, 18) when the PHONO/AUX SELECTOR SWITCH (19) is set to AUX.  
(19) PHONO / AUX SELECTOR SWITCH - Changes phono to an extra line; allows the DJ to use a CD player or other  
input device in the same line as the phono line. When using a turntable select PHONO, and when using other input  
devices select AUX. PHONO/AUX lines can be used with LINES 1 and 2. The PHONO /AUX SELECTOR SWITCH  
gives the DJ the possibilities of 4 inputs lines (ie. 4 lines CD, tape etc.; or 2 lines CD, tape etc. and 2 phono lines).  
(20) REC OUT - Connect to your record unit. The REC OUT level is not influenced by the master control (13).  
(21) MASTER OUT - Parallel output of P.A. output. Connect with the input of a power amplifier.  
(22) MIC JACK - Connect your microphone with 1/4 inch (6.3mm) jack plug here. The signals may be controlled by  
the DJ MIC CONTROL KNOB (15). BASS & TREBLE can be adjusted by the DJ MIC BASS CONTROL KNOB (15) and  
(23) FUSE - Fuseholder. Only replace the fuse when the device is disconnected from main power supply. Only replace  
with fuses of the same power and rating.  
(24) AC CONNECTION - Standard IEC plug with detachable AC power cord.  
(25) AC VOLTAGE SELECTOR - Select between 115V/5OHz or 230V/6OHz. Make sure that the selector is set to the  
proper voltage you are using.  
Replacing the Crossfader  
• Disconnect from main power supply  
• Remove the fader knob.  
• Remove the two outer screws.  
Take the fader out and unplug the connection cable.  
• Connect the new fader and replace back into mixer.  
Changing the Transformer Switch  
• Disconnect from main power supply.  
• Unscrew 2 larger Philips screws (see arrow on diagram at the right).  
• Move switch to desired position.  
• Reinstall screws.  
XDM-2221 “SKILZ” User Instructions page 7  
Technical Specifications - model XDM-2221  
Line: 75mV, 3k Ohm • Microphone: 2.5mV, 600 Ohm • Phono: 1.5mV, 47k Ohm  
Output: Line: 25V, peak to peak • Headphones: 5W @ 47 Ohm • Distortion: <0.03%  
Signal-To-Noise Ratios:  
Line: Better than 85dB • Microphone: Better than 78dB • Phono: Better than 80dB  
Frequency Response:  
Line: 20Hz - 15KHz, ± 0.5clB • Microphone: 20Hz - 20KHz, ± 0.5dB  
Bass / Mid /Treble: -30dB - +20dB  
Talkover Attenuation: - 16dB  
Microphone EQ: Bass: -30dB/+12dB @ 100Hz • Treble: -30dB/+12dB @ 1OkHz  
Headphone impedance: 16 Ohms  
Power supply: AC 11 5/230V, 50/60Hz switchable  
Power Consumption: 5W typical, 7W w/ full headphone output  
Dimensions: 12.5" W x 10.25" D x 4" H / 252 x 305 x 102 mm  
Weight: 8 lbs. / 3.5 kg  
American DJ® AUDIO  
4295 Charter Street  
Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA  
Warranty & Service  
The XDM-2221 has a 2-year limited warranty. Mail in warranty card as soon as possible.  
For Service, contact your local American DJ® Dealer.  
© American DJ® AUDIO Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA  
Specifications subject to change without notice.  
XDM-2221 “SKILZ” User Instructions page 8  

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