American Audio Network Card VersaPort User Manual

Turn your music from analog to digital with ease!  
User Instructions  
16-bit/48 kHz AD/DA Converter  
USB bus - powered, adapter-free  
Headphone & Mic Jack  
Mic Level Knob  
USB 1.1 Compliant  
2 Channel - 2 Input & 2 Output  
Line/Phone Selector  
Monitor Level Knob  
RCA analog connections  
6122 S. Eastern Ave  
Los Angeles Ca. 90040  
conTroLs And FUncTIons  
1. Microphone Volume Knob - This knob can adjust the microphone output volume.  
2. USB Cable - Use this cable to connect to the USB port of your computer.  
3. RCA Output Jacks - With these jacks you can connect the Versaport to speakers with a built-in  
amplifier, mixers or effect machines.  
4. Headphone Jack - You can connect your headphones to this jack to moniter sound.  
5. Headphone Volume Knob - This knob allows you to adjust the headphone volume output level.  
6. Line In/Phono Button - This button is for the Input 2 RCA jacks. The button is used to select the  
input source assigned to the Input 2 jacks. The button must be in the “Phono” position for turntable  
7. Ground Terminal - Connect turntable ground leads to this ground terminal. This will reduce the  
humming and popping noises associated with magnetic phono cartridges.  
8. RCA Input Jacks - Connect your desired sound equipment; record player, CD/Mp3/WMA player,  
mixer, effect player, cassette deck or radio, to the RCA input jacks on the Versaport.  
9. Microphone Jack - This jack will accept a standard 1/4” plug. The volume output level for the  
microphone will be controlled by the Microphone Volume Knob.  
©American Audio®  
Versaport Instruction Manual Page 3  
sYsTeM reQUIreMenTs (Pc):  
Weight: 0.55 lbs./ 0.25 kgs.  
Size: 4.52” x 4.92” x 1.57”  
os: Microsoft Windows 98/ 98SE/  
ME/2000/ XP/Vista  
computer: Windows Compatible with  
USB Connection  
LINE Playback:  
Signal to Noise Ratio:  
Distortion Ratio:  
<0.05 %  
cPU: Pentium II Processor 233 MHz or  
Higher (win98/ SE/ ME)  
Channel Seperation:  
Frequency Response:  
20Hz-20kHz -1+2.5dB  
Pentium II Processor 400 MHz or  
Higher (win2000)  
Memory (rAM): 64MB or more  
Hard disk: 120MB or more  
HEADPHONE Playback:  
Signal to Noise Ratio:  
Distortion Ratio:  
<0.07 %  
30Hz-18kHz -1+2.0dB  
800x600 or higher/ 65,536  
colors (16 bit High Color) or  
Frequency Response:  
sYsTeM reQUIreMenTs (Mac):  
LINE Record:  
Signal to Noise Ratio:  
Distortion Ratio:  
Channel Seperation:  
Frequency Response:  
<0.05 %  
20Hz-20kHz -1+2.5dB  
os: MacOS 9.2 or Later, Mac OSX  
computer: Apple Macintosh Series with  
USB Connection  
cPU: PowerPC G3 or higher  
Memory (rAM): 96MB or more  
(Application memory  
PHONO Record:  
Signal to Noise Ratio:  
Distortion Ratio:  
Channel Seperation:  
Frequency Response:  
<0.05 %  
20Hz-20kHz -1+2.5dB  
32MB or higher)  
Hard Disk: 120MB or more  
800x600 or higher  
recoMMended soFTwAre  
MIC Record:  
Signal to Noise Ratio:  
Distortion Ratio:  
<0.1 %  
30Hz-18kHz -1+2.0dB  
windows: MME, MS DirectSound,  
Steinberg ASIO & Audition  
Frequency Response:  
Macintosh: Garage Band, Audio Hijack  
PRO (OSX, & Sound Manager (OS9)  
Customer Support:  
American Audio® provides a toll free customer support line, to provide set up help and answer  
any question should you encounter problems during your initial set up or operation. You may also  
are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  
(800) 322-6337  
(323) 582-2610  

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