American Audio Microphone WM UHF16 User Manual

WM UHF16  
16 Channel Selectable UHF Wireless Microphone  
User Guide  
4295 Charter Street  
Los Angeles Ca. 90058  
(323) 582-2650  
Fax (323) 582-2610  
Rev. 4/05  
WM UHF16™  
I. Heat - The receiver should be situated away  
from heat sources such as radiators, heat reg-  
isters, stoves, or other appliances (including  
amplifiers) that produce heat.  
Every WM UHF16™ has been thoroughly tested  
and has been shipped in perfect operating con-  
dition. Carefully check the shipping carton for  
damage that may have occurred during ship-  
ping. If the carton appears to be damaged,  
carefully inspect your wireless microphone for  
any damage and be sure all equipment neces-  
sary to operate the wireless microphone has  
arrived intact. In the event damage has been  
found or parts are missing, please contact our  
toll free customer support number for further  
instructions. Please do not return the wireless  
microphone to your dealer without first contact-  
ing customer support.  
2. Do not let insecticides, benzene, or thinner  
come in contact with the surface of the unit.  
3. Never disassemble or modify your unit in  
any way, doing so will void your manufactures  
4. Never plug this unit in to a dimmer pack  
5. Do not attempt to operate this unit if it  
becomes damaged in any way.  
The WM UHF16™ carries a ONE year (365  
days) limited warranty. This warranty covers  
parts and labor. Please fill out the enclosed  
warranty card to validate your purchase and  
warranty. All returned service items whether  
under warranty or not, must be freight pre-  
paid and accompany a return authorization  
(R.A.) number. If the unit is under warranty,  
you must provide a copy of your proof of pur-  
chase invoice. Please contact American Audio®  
customer support at (800) 322-6337 for a R.A.  
6. This unit is intended for indoor use only, use  
of this product outdoors voids all warranties.  
7. Always mount this unit in safe and stable  
8. Disconnect from main power before making  
any type of connection.  
The serial and model number for this unit is  
located on the rear panel. Please write down  
the numbers here and retain for future refer-  
Model No._____________________________  
Serial No._____________________________  
Purchase Notes:  
NOTE: This product satisfies FCC regulations  
when shielded cables and connectors are  
used to connect the unit to other equipment.  
To prevent electromagnetic interference with  
electrical appliances such as radios and tele-  
visions, use shielded cables and connectors  
for connections.  
Date of Purchase_______________________  
Dealer Name__________________________  
Dealer Address_________________________  
Dealer Phone__________________________  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 3  
WM UHF16™  
Introductions: Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the American Audio® WM UHF16™  
wireless microphone. This wireless microphone is a representation of American Audio’s continuing  
commitment to produce the best and highest quality audio products possible at an affordable price.  
Please read and understand this manual completely before attempting to operate your new wireless  
microphone. Please carefully read and understand the instructions in this manual thoroughly before  
attempting to operate this unit. These instructions contain important safety information regarding the  
use and maintenance of this unit. Take special care to follow all warning symbols and labels both on  
the unit and printed in this manual. Also, Please keep this manual with the unit, for future reference.  
Customer Support:  
American Audio® provides a toll free customer support line, to provide set up help and answer any  
question should you encounter problems during your initial set up or operation. You may also visit us  
through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  
(800) 322-6337  
(323) 582-2610  
After Hours: (323) 314-3927  
Caution! There are no user serviceable parts inside the microphone or receiver. Do not attempt any  
repairs yourself, without being instructed to do so by an authorized American Audio service techni-  
cian. Doing so will void your manufactures warranty. In the unlikely event your microphone or receiver  
may require service, please contact American Audio® customer support.  
Do not discard the packing carton in the trash. Please recycle when ever possible.  
WM UHF16™  
Please be sure to make any connections before plugging the receiver in to an electrical outlet. Volume  
control should be set to zero or minimum position, before the receiver is switched on. If the receiver  
has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation (e.g. after transportation), do not switch on the  
receiver immediately. The arising condensation of water might damage your device. Leave the device  
switched off until it has reached room temperature.  
Operating Determinations:  
• When installing this unit, please make sure that the device is not exposed or will not be  
exposed to extreme heat, moisture or dust!  
• Do not operate the unit in extremely hot (more than 30°/100°F) or extremely cold (less than  
5°C/40°F) surroundings.  
• Keep the unit out of direct sunlight and away from heaters.  
• Operate the unit only after becoming familiar with its functions. Do not permit operation by  
persons not qualified for operating the unit. Most damages are the result of unprofessional  
• Do not attempt to operate this unit if the power cord has been frayed or damaged.  
• Disconnect from main power before making any type of connection.  
• Do not attempt to operate this unit, if it becomes damaged in any way.  
• Never operate this unit when it’s covers are removed.  
To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.  
• This unit is intended for indoor use only, use of this product outdoors voids all warranties.  
• During long periods of non-use, disconnect the unit’s main power.  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 4  
WM UHF16™  
1. Antenna - Receives RF signals from the transmitter.  
2. Balanced XLR Output - This balanced XLR output can be used to connect the receiver to bal-  
anced input of mixer or amplifier.  
3. Unbalanced 1/4” Output - This unbalanced output can be used to connect the receiver to the  
aux-level input of a mixer or amplifier.  
4. 12v DC Input - Connect the included power supply to this input, or any other 12v power adapter.  
5. Main Power Switch - This is main power ON/OFF switch for the receiver. A red LED on the  
switch should glow indicating that the power is ON.  
6. Channel Frequency Knob - Use this knob to choose the receiver operating frequency. The trans-  
mitter must be set to the same frequency. You can change the channel with a small flat head screw-  
7. Volume Knob - Controls the volume of the receiver output.  
8. AF Indicator LED - This LED will indicate when the clearest transmitter signal has been reached.  
9. RF Indicator LED - This LED will flicker when receiving a signal from the transmitter.  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 5  
WM UHF16™  
10. Channel Frequency Selector - Use this knob to choose the receiver operating frequency.  
The receiver must be set to the same frequency. You can change the channel with a small flat head  
11. Flat head Screwdriver - Mini flat head screwdriver is used to change the channel frequency on  
both the transmitter and receiver.  
12. 9v Battery Connection - Connect a fresh 9v battery to these connections.  
13. ON/OFF/Mute Switch - This is the main power switch for the transmitter. The transmitter also  
has a mute selection. A green LED should glow indicating that the transmitter is ON.  
WM UHF16™  
Transmitter Set Up  
1. Unscrew the bottom part of the microphone. The battery connections (12) are located inside of the  
2. Insert and connect a fresh 9v battery to the battery connections.  
3. Screw the bottom of the microphone back into place.  
Receiver Set Up  
1. Plug the included AC power supply into the DC input connector on the back of the receiver.  
2. Plug the other end of the AC power supply into an AC power outlet.  
Note: Make sure the volume on the receiver is turned all the way down befor switching on  
the power.  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 6  
WM UHF16™  
Connecting the Receiver Output  
1. You can connect the receiver to a output source using a cable with an 1/4jack or 3-pin XLR  
female connection.  
2. Connect one end of the cable to the receiver, and the other end into the mic input of a mixer, PA  
system, or amplifier.  
WM UHF16™  
Operating Instructions  
1. Select the channel frequency, make sure the receiver and transmitter are set to the same  
2. Switch the receiver and transmitter power button to the “ON” position. If the signal from the  
transmitter is being received by the receiver the AF LED should light up.  
Note: Make sure the volume on the receiver is turned all the way down before switching on  
the power.  
3. Speak, sing, or play your instrument at a typical level. The RF LED should flicker when receiving a  
signal from the transmitter.  
4. When finished, slide the power to the OFF position on the transmitter. Then turn the power switch  
to the OFF position on the receiver.  
WM UHF16™  
Trouble Shooting: Listed below are common problems you may encounter, and their solutions.  
There is no power to the unit:  
1. Make sure you have connected the power cord to a 120v wall outlet.  
There is little or no sound:  
1. Make sure the battery is inserted properly (+/- battery terminals must match transmitter termi  
2. Make sure that the transmitter power switch is not set to mute.  
3. Move transmitter closer to the receiver.  
4. Is the low battery LED lit? If so replace the battery.  
5. Make sure the receiver volume is not turned all the way down.  
6. Check the cable connection between receiver and amplifier or mixer.  
There is a momentary loss of sound when the transmitter is moved around the area:  
1. Move the receiver around a perform walk-through tests. If audio dropouts continue, mark the  
“dead” areas and avoid the during performance.  
Radio signals are interrupting performance:  
1. Change the frequency channels on both the transmitter and receiver.  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 7  
A. American Audio® hereby warrants, to the original purchaser, American Audio® products to  
be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 Year (365 days)  
from the date of purchase. This warranty shall be valid only if the product is purchased within the  
United States of America, including possessions and territories. It is the owner’s responsibility to  
establish the date and place of purchase by acceptable evidence, at the time service is sought.  
B. For warranty service, send the product only to the American Audio® factory. All shipping  
charges must be pre-paid. If the requested repairs or service (including parts replacement) are  
within the terms of this warranty, American Audio® will pay return shipping charges only to a  
designated point within the United States. If the entire instrument is sent, it must be shipped  
in its original package. No accessories should be shipped with the product. If any accessories  
are shipped with the product, American Audio® shall have no liability whatsoever for loss of  
or damage to any such acces-sories, nor for the safe return thereof.  
C. This warranty is void if the serial number has been altered or removed; if the product is  
modified in any manner which American Audio® concludes, after inspection, affects the reli-  
ability of the product; if the product has been repaired or serviced by anyone other than the  
American Audio® factory unless prior written authorization was issued to purchaser by Ameri-  
can Audio®; if the product is damaged because not properly maintained as set forth in the  
instruction manual.  
D. This is not a service contract, and this warranty does not include maintenance, cleaning  
or periodic check-up. During the period specified above, American Audio® will replace defec-  
tive parts at its expense, and will absorb all expenses for warranty service and repair labor by  
reason of defects in material or workmanship. The sole responsibility of American Audio®under  
this warranty shall be limited to the repair of the product, or replacement thereof, including  
parts, at the sole discretion of American Audio®. All products covered by this warranty were  
manufactured after January 1, 1990, and bear identifying marks to that effect.  
E. American Audio® reserves the right to make changes in design and/or improvements upon  
its products without any obligation to include these changes in any products theretofore manu-  
F. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is given or made with respect to any acces-  
sory supplied with products described above. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable  
law, all implied warranties made by American Audio® in connection with this product, including  
warranties of merchantability or fitness, are limited in duration to the warranty period set forth  
above. And no warranties, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchant-  
ability or fitness, shall apply to this product after said period has expired. The consumer’s and  
or Dealer’s sole remedy shall be such repair or replacement as is expressly provided above;  
and under no circumstances shall American Audio® be liable for any loss or damage, direct or  
consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this product.  
G. This warranty is the only written warranty applicable to American Audio® Products and su-  
persedes all prior warranties and written descriptions of warranty terms and conditions here-  
tofore published.  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 8  
Model: American Audio® WM UHF 16 - Wireless Microphone  
Single Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System  
3 1/4” ~ 4 1/2” H x 8 1/2” W x 10 3/8” L  
Place on flat surface or mount in flat case  
5.3 Lbs. / 2.4 kgs  
Power supply:  
Power consumption:  
DC 12V - 18V / AC 115v/230v, 50/60Hz  
Environmental conditions:  
Operational temperature:  
5 to 35˚C (41 to 95˚F)  
Operational humidity: 25 to 85% RH (non-condensation)  
Storage temperature: -20 to 60˚C (4 to 140˚F)  
Frequency Range:  
471.600~ 482.850M Hz  
6000Hz per Channel, total 16 Ch.  
+ 0.005%  
Frequency Stability:  
T.H.D. Rate:  
<= 1% (at 100mV 1KHz)  
Tone Signal:  
Oscillation Mode:  
Power Output:  
Dynamic Range:  
Image & Spurious:  
Receiving sensitivity:  
Receiving moed:  
Power supply:  
S/N ration:  
Balance or Unbalance 150mV (600 Ω)  
> 96dB  
> 70dB  
< 5 µ V over 60dB S/N radio  
PLL 16 selectable frequency  
DC 12V - 18V  
More than 95dB  
More than 60dB  
45M (150ft)  
Receiving range:  
Frequency range:  
Frequency stability:  
T.H.D. rate:  
471.000~ 481.650M Hz  
<= 1% (at 100mV 1KHz)  
Oscillation mode:  
Spurious Emission:  
Power output:  
20mW (max)  
Maximum FM deviation:  
Current consumption:  
< 40mA  
The specifications are subject to change to any improvement by negotiations in advance.  
The parts are subject to change to any improvement within the range of the specifications.  
©American Audio®  
WM UHF16™ Instruction Manual Page 9  

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