American Audio CD Player PRO DJ 3 User Manual

PRO DJ 3  
I. Read Instructions - All the safety and oper-  
ating instructions should be read before the  
CD Player is operated.  
10.Power-Cord Protection - Power-supply  
cords should be routed so that they are not  
likely to be walked on or pinched by items  
placed upon or against them, paying par-  
ticular attention to cords at plugs, conve-  
nience receptacles, and the point where  
they exit from the CD Player.  
2. Save Instructions - The safety and operat-  
ing instructions should be saved for future  
3. Heed Warnings - All warnings on the CD  
Player and in the operating instructions  
should be adhered to.  
11. Cleaning - The CD Player should be  
cleaned only as recommended by the  
4. Follow Instructions - All operating and user  
instructions should be followed.  
12.Non-use Periods - The power cord of the  
CD Player should be unplugged from the  
outlet when left unused for a long period of  
5. Water and Moisture - The player should not  
be used near water - for example, near a  
bath tub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry  
tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming  
pool, etc.  
13.Object and Liquid Entry - Care should be  
taken so that objects do not fall and liquids  
are not spilled into the enclosure through  
6. Ventilation - The CD Player should be situ-  
ated so that its location or position does not  
interfere with its proper ventilation. For  
example, the CD player should not be situ-  
ated on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface  
that may block the ventilation openings; or,  
placed in a built-in installation, such as a  
bookcase or cabinet that may impede the  
flow of air through the ventilation openings.  
14.Damage Requiring Service - The Player  
should be serviced by qualified service  
personnel when:  
A. The power-supply cord or the plug has  
been damaged.  
B. Objects have fallen, or liquid has been  
spilled into the CD Player.  
7. Heat - The CD player should be situated  
away from heat sources such as radiators,  
heat registers, stoves, or other appliances  
(including amplifiers) that produce heat.  
C. The CD Player has been exposed to  
rain or water.  
D. The CD Player does not appear to  
operate normally or exhibits a marked  
change in performance.  
8. Power Sources - The CD player should be  
connected to a power supply only of the  
type described in the operating instructions  
or as marked on the CD Player.  
E. The CD Player has been dropped, or  
the enclosure damaged.  
15.Servicing - The user should not attempt to  
service the CD Player beyond that describ-  
ed in the operating instructions. All other  
servicing should be referred to qualified  
service personnel.  
9. Grounding or Polarization - Precautions  
should be taken so that the grounding or  
polarization means of an appliance is not  
1. Checking the Contents  
Be sure your PRO DJ3 was shipped with the following:  
1) Pro DJ3 Professional CD player.  
2) Operating instructions (this booklet).  
3) One (1) set of RCA cables.  
4) One (1) 1/8” mini plug.  
• Be sure to use the supplied control cables. Using other  
types of cable may result in unit damage.  
• Be sure the power is off when connecting the control  
cables, otherwise the units may not work properly.  
5) Warranty card.  
2. Installing the Units  
Place your unit on a flat surface or mount it in a flat surface case.  
3. Connections  
1) Be sure the power is disconnected.  
2) Connect the included RCA cable from your PRO DJ3 outputs to the inputs on your mixer.  
3) Use the supplied 1/8” mini plug cable to connect your PRO DJ3 to a mini jack connection (A or B ) on a  
compatible American DJ “Fader Q Start” mixer. (This will enable the Fader “Q” Start function - See “Q” start  
control pg.5)  
• The player will work normally when the main unit is  
mounted with the front panel within 15 degrees of  
the vertical plane. If the unit is tilted excessively,  
discs may not be loaded or unloaded properly.  
(Figure 1)  
• The LCD is designed to be clearly visible within the  
angles shown in Figure 2. Mount the control unit  
so that the visual angle is within this range.  
10˚ 50˚  
Fig. 1  
Fig. 2  
• Avoid high temperatures. Allow for sufficient heat dispersion when installed in a case.  
• Handle the power cord carefully.  
• Hold the power cord from the plug when unplugging the cord. Never pull from the cable!  
• Keep the unit free from moisture, water, and dust.  
• Unplug the power cord when not using the unit for a long periods of time.  
• Do not obstruct the ventilation holes. (For units with ventilation holes.)  
• Do not allow foreign material to enter the unit.  
• Do not let insecticides, benzene, or thinner come in contact with the surface of the unit.  
• Never disassemble or modify your unit in any way, doing so will void your manufactures warranty.  
• 8 times over sampling 1 bit D/A converter  
• Auto cue  
• 1/75th second frame search  
• Real time cue (“Cue on the Fly”)  
• 4 different speed scan  
• Pitch display  
• 20 programmable tracks  
• 40 cue points can be stored into memory  
• Digital RCA coaxial output  
• Large bright LCD Screen can be viewed from wide angles.  
• Fader “Q” Start Control (a)  
• Seamless Loop (uninterrupted loop playback)  
• Sampler (Forward & Reverse Sampling)  
• Bop Effect (b)  
• Flip-Flop (Relay Playback) (c)  
• 60 Second Transport Protection (d)  
• Sleep Mode (e)  
• Adjustable Pitch Percentages: +/-8%, +/-12% or +/-16%  
• Jog Wheel Pitch Bend +/-16%  
• Memory Backup, Defaults to last setting (f)  
• Instant Start within 10 mil/sec (sound is produced immediately when the PLAY button is pressed)  
6 Programmable Cue (Flash Start ) Buttons  
(a) FADER “Q” START CONTROL: This feature is used in conjunction with American DJ mixers that also  
feature “Fader Q Start” control. For best results use this feature with two (2) PRO DJ3 players. Connect  
your PRO DJ3’s as described in the set-up section of this manual. After set-up is completed load your  
players. By moving the mixer’s crossfader from left to right you can start and pause your PRO DJ3 play-  
back functions. For Example, when using two (2) PRO DJ3 players and a Fader “Q” Start mixer, if your  
mixer’s crossfader is all the way to the left (player one is playing, player two is in cue or pause mode),  
and you move the fader at least 20% to the right, player two (2) will begin to play and player one (1) will  
return to cue mode. When the crossfader is to the right, and you move it 20% to the left, player one (1)  
will begin to play and player two (2) will return to its’ cue point. You can create great effects similar to  
scratching with this feature. After storing cue points on each side of the CD player, different songs or  
samples may quickly be recalled by moving the mixer crossfader back and forth. New cue points can be  
easily selected on the PRO DJ3 player (see setting cue points page 13). “Q” Start control is easy to use  
and mastering this feature will help you create amazing effects with your music. Note: For proper “Q” Start  
operation be sure your mixers “Hamster” setting are set to 1/2 (Normal Setting).  
(b) BOP EFFECT: The Bop Effect button serves two features. First, it is a stutter effect, creating a sound  
similar to a sampler. Second, it will return to the last Cue point in memory instantly. This will allow you to  
create great effects. To create the BOP Effect, see BOP Effect on page 15.  
(c) FLIP-FLOP: This feature is used in conjunction with American DJ® mixers that also feature Fader “Q”  
Start. For FLIP-FLOP results you must use two (2) PRO DJ3 players. Connect your PRO DJ3’s as  
described in the set-up section of this manual. This feature will start the next player once one (1) player  
has ended. For example, if player one (1) is playing a disc and it ends, player two (2) will instantly begin  
to play. You may set FLIP-FLOP to play track to track or disc to disc. For more information on this feature,  
see FLIP-FLOP™ on page 15.  
(d) 60 SECOND TRANSPORT PROTECTION: The CD transport tray will automatically close if left open for  
more than 60 seconds. If a CD is left in the tray it will immediately cue.  
(e) SLEEP MODE: The PRO DJ3’s laser and pick-up assembly will power down after 15 minutes of inactivity  
(when in pause or cue mode). This will lengthen the life of your motor drive and laser. To initialize the  
player, just press the cue or play buttons.  
(f) MEMORY BACKUP: The PRO DJ3 has a five (5) year memory back-up, that will save your setting in  
case the power supply is accidentally disconnected. PRO DJ3 will automatically remember your last  
setting (repeat, SGL, CTN) even if you disconnect your main power.. The PRO DJ3 will store your cue  
points in memory if you accidentally open transport tray or shut off the power. Note: Memory cues are  
erased automatically when a new CD is played, or by holding memory button down for 5 seconds.